Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution

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Top-ranked gifted education in Korea.
Meet the LIM Seo Young Gifted
Education Institution.
top-ranked gifted education in Korea Lim Seo Young Gifted
Education Institution

Lim Seo Young Gifted
Education Institution

Established in 2003, Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution is a research institution for private education.

Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution researches textbooks and programs specialized in brain development and self-directed learning from infants and children through Diretor Lim Seo Young’s counseling.

Our Ordinary Children
and Hidden Giftedness

A little difference in perspective with little adjustments in habits can change the future of our children.

Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution is here to help bring forth our children's infinite potentials and to raise them as strong leaders of our future.

Educational physician to children ·
Healing mentors to parents The story from
Director Lim Seo Young
Gifted education and research of
Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution
“Begins through mother and
child playing together.”
“Parent’s habits makes a child gifted.”

  • 01

    Educational philosophy of
    Director Lim Seo Young

    “I wish mothers could raise
    their children stronger.”

    The message I want to convey is that sometimes it is necessary
    to practice sturdy discipline to the point you wonder
    ‘Am I too harsh of a mother?’
    I would like to first and foremost
    set example to those moms
    who have to be sturdy with their children.

  • 02

    Little habits of parents
    makes a child gifted

    “Children are copycats, they imitate
    their mother’s behaviors.”

    Mother’s habits and behaviors are very important
    in naturally educating children.
    Children growing up observing their parents good habits
    will naturally develop good habits themselves.

  • 03

    How to raise
    children's potential

    “OK sign is needed.”

    Positive re-enforcement praises such as,
    “Well done, wow, how did you do such great work?”
    instead of negative expressions such as, “No don’t do that.”
    will encourage children to try new things and discover what they like.

  • 04

    Parental counseling

    “I want to share my stories as
    a friend and a mentor.”

    To the mothers who are with their children all day long,
    you develop questions about parenting and naturally wonder
    how others are doing but I understand in reality its difficult
    to find answers to your questions.

    I am here to help.

  • 05

    The most important thing

    “Education is patience.”

    To raise strong children, they require skills of self-direct
    learning enabling
    them to do tasks on their own.
    Parents need to be able to stop being
    over protective
    and step aside allowing time for their children.

    I advise to patiently observe your children grow into
    independent individuals.