Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution

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Check diverse programs such as parent coaching
for gifted education, education counseling, etc.
Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution Expert Childcare Counseling
Have your children’s growth evaluated with accuracy
through childcare counseling.
Lim Seo Young’s childcare and education counseling
is a program for both the mother and the children.

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Childcare counseling is not for children with special needs and problems.
Appropriate parent’s role and proper discipline at different stages of children’s growth greatly affects children.
This expert childcare counseling is a way to check whether your children have and are developing well in their appropriate growth stages,
if you may have missed any crucial development process or
if you simply want to reassure that your parenting methods are appropriate. As well as receive advice on parenting improvements.

Childcare Counseling Procedure

This is the individual counseling
by Director Lim Seo-Young,
childcare coaching expert.

Director Lim Seo Young’s
20 years of expertise!

Parenting coaching specialist can provide in-depth parenting,
education and discipline counseling
that is
individually personalized to your child.

We provide test for children to evaluate children’s growth and development state,
along with thorough analyzed based on the results.
Expert childcare counseling for child care,
education and discipline provides individual
in-depth parenting counseling and solutions.
01Childcare Counseling

Coaching process is performed by education
designer teachers via
1:1 coaching system.

02In-depth Counseling Analysis

In-depth psychological growth analysis
provided with test results.