Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution

팝업레이어 알림

팝업레이어 알림이 없습니다.
Top-ranked gifted education in Korea.
Meet the LIM Seo Young Gifted
Education Institution.
Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution Gifted Education Program

Parent Coaching Gifted Education

This program is designed for mothers who
want to learn
about being good parents
through on/offline lectures.

This program also offers parenting counselling
as well as thorough evolution for children
through intelligence & developmental tests.

Experience and develop great communication,
education and healing in a positive environment.

OJO Education Center : OJO
(Afternoon School for the gifted)

OJO researched children’s brain development
over the past
15 years and developed
self-directed learning style textbooks.

It is designed to encourage children to learn on their own
and enhance IQ up to 20% over
the course of 6months.

Let’s discover our children’s hidden giftedness together with OJO.

Coaching Mentor
(Learning Coaching Mom & Coaching System)

OJO coaching system where you are paired
one on one
with experienced coaching moms
to assist with purchasing OJO programs,
how to use textbooks, parenting counseling etc.

Utilize this one on one coaching mentor for
Home-schooling just got easier
with guides on how to play with children.
Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution OJO Development Center

OJO Psychological Development Center

You can get intelligence and development test and counseling from Director Lim Seo Young at OJO Psychological Development Center.

There are various types of tests and counseling including
but not limited to intelligence test, development test,
parental attitude test, temperament test etc.

You may apply for tests and counseling to evaluate your child.

OJO Cognitive Development Center

OJO Cognitive Development Center of
cognitive therapy
where you can enroll in
personalized programs as advised
Director Lim Seo Young after thorough
tests and counselling to strengthen areas
of language, mathematics, expressions etc.

There are diverse classes such as art psychology,
flash cards, English, TamQ Mathematics, developmental activities,
brain game classes etc.

OJO Exercise Development Center

OJO Exercise Development Center managed by Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution is a membership based exercise center for children.

OJO Exercise Center for Grit! promotes
healthy development
and growth for
children teaching endurance, concentration,
perseverance, patience, anger management,
etc. through physical activities.