Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution

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We introduce you OJO Education Center
with customized solution
for your child
and smart childcare coaching!
Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution OJO Psychological
Development Center
OJO Psychological
Development Center

This is the professional childcare counseling
and individual solution class program center operated
by Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution.

Mothers and children can participate together
at OJO Psychological Development Center.

Children’s personalized program combined with mother’s
smart parenting allows to optimize strengths
and improve weaknesses resulting with amazing growth for the children.

Join, now!

OJO Psychological Development Center
personalized childcare programs
and better parenting advise and solutions.

Is your child growing and developing well?
Are you parenting your children properly?

Program of OJO Psychological CenteR
Check your children’s growth
development and optimize
their potentials
Lim Seo Young’s
proven tests and processes.

OJO Psychological Development Center
offers various tests including intelligence test,
developmental test, parenting attitude test, temperament test, etc. and counseling.

Its not about whether my child has problems or issues, but rather taking the time
to evaluate whether they are growing and developing accordingly.

Additionally, receive consultations and
individually personalized solutions for your child.

01Test Programs
  • Kaufmann / Wechsler Intelligence Test
  • K-CDI / Temperament Test
  • Parenting Attitude Test
Counseling Programs
  • Guidance to applying for test and counseling
  • Professional in-depth analysis and counseling
  • Education designer’s coaching and counseling
03Solution and
Education Programs
  • Customized diagnosis and treatment solution
  • Cognitive, emotional and psychological therapy
  • Education for home-schooling