Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution

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Check diverse programs such as parent coaching
for gifted education, education counseling, etc.
Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution Parents Coaching Program

Parents Coaching Program is and on/offline
gifted education program
targeted towards 
Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution
and OJO parents.

Learn Director Lim Seo Young’s 20 years of field
in childcare and parenting
education through our diverse programs!
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  • Program 2

  • Program 3

  • Program 4

  • Program 5

  • Program 6

Mother’s School

Fun learning center for healthy mothers

In Director Lim Seo Young’s lectures you can learn her
professionalized advice and experiences on childcare and
education acquired through her 20 years in the field.

Every mother worries about “Is this parenting method right?”
Discipline methods and compliment methods all differ by age.
Join us at Mother’s School and learn specialized expertise.

Special Lecture for VIP

Lectures by ages from 8 months
to 7 year olds

Discipline methods and compliment methods should
differ at different stages of growth.
Infant and toddler education should begin at
8 months old.

Children go through different stages of growth and they must
all go through these stages properly to enter into the next stage with ease. Therefore, parents are advised to study on childhood development and growth.

Special Subject Lectures

Hangeul / English / Art / TamQ & Clues

This program promotes creativity and practices thinking
with programs from language teaching method lectures training
the right brain and exercising the left brain to intensive
development activities requiring both brains for infants
and elementary children.

Further more, strengthen children’s basic skills with these
special subject lectures taught in a fun playful method.

Special Tom & Jerry Lecture

Lecture on how to play with children

Special solution for those of you who want to play
with children but just don’t know how!

Having fun and laughing together Tom and Jerry lecture is game-oriented, learning how to play at eye level with children.


Special chatter with ordinary mothers.
Finding happiness project for mothers!

Happy mother, happy children and happy family!
You already know but reality hits and you find yourself
in a vicious cycle of parenting stress, house work and busy life.

Take some time to reflect and find yourself through this Mothers program.

Cyber Mothers' School

SNS lecture every night for mothers
who want to study!

Mothers who are responsible for the life of their children,
you want to study but you can’t take the time.
If you can’t leave your children's side, you can study beside them!

Make some healing time through Cyber Mothers’ School
without the constraint of location.

Learn from specialized coaches who have received
certification from Director Lim Seo Young.