Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution

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Check diverse programs such as parent coaching
for gifted education, education counseling, etc.
Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution Learning Coaching Experts
& Coaching System
We have expert guides to assists you from parenting consultations, how to purchase programs, and how to use and go through the program.

There are gifted education assistants to guide and help
you about the program and how to use the teaching materials.

Children should develop and maintain good learning habits
of your child to do well on their own even after they start school.

Mothers are the best teacher for young
before the age of 8 but being attentive to their every action
like a
professional is not easy work.

1 : 1 coaching

Coaching mom, the expert learning
coaching assistants
for gifted education are here to help.

Lim Seo Young’s Gifted Education Institution has
30 learning coaching mom experts to assist besides you
to help and guide mothers throughout the program.

1. Childcare Coaching Mom :
Serves guiding overall growth plan

2. Learning Coaching Mom :
Guide on child’s progress by subject

Free counseling for parenting plan
(Monthly coaching service is a paid service after purchasing the program)