Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution

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We introduce you OJO Education Center
with customized solution
for your child
and smart childcare coaching!
Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution OJO Cognitive
Development Center
OJO Cognitive
Development Center

OJO Cognitive Development Center of cognitive therapy
where you can enroll in personalized programs as advised
by Director LIm Seo Young after thorough tests and counselling
to strengthen areas of language mathematics, expressions etc.

There are diverse classes such as art psychology, flash cards,
English, TamQ Mathematics, developmental activities,
brain game classes etc.

Join, now!

Individual Solution

We advise personalized individual solution
for your children.

Children are all different.
We offer personalized solutions with customized therapy
and programs adapted to individual child.

Our solution does not end at evaluations
on test results but further provide in-depth analysis along
with future advise on improvements consisting
of individualized solution programs.

Individual Solution Program
01Home-schooling Program
OJO 8 Baskets brings mothers
and child together
to teach
self-directed learning skills
  • OJO 8 Baskets

    Composed of drawing lines,
    Hangeul (Korean), mazes,
    tangrams, blocks, arts and
    story books.

    These activities stimulate
    the 8 domains of the brain
    improves comprehensive thinking,
    develop good habits and correct behaviors.

02Individual Solution

The institution offers diverse
program customized individually.

  • Cognitive Therapy
    (Language · Mathematics · Expressions)
  • Emotional and
    Psychological Therapy

    (Art Psychology · Camp)
  • Psychomotric Therapy
    (Deonabang group)