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We introduce you OJO Education Center
with customized solution
for your child
and smart childcare coaching!
Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution OJO Exercise Development Center
OJO Exercise
Development Center

OJO Exercise Development Center managed by
Lim Seo Young Gifted Education Institution is
a membership based exercise center for children.

Good balance between brain and physical development
is important in child development.
Therefore we will thrive to provide “Grit!”
to reinforce the power of completing tasks
as they go through developmental stages of growth.

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Exclusive Exercise Membership
Classes for Children

OJO Exercise Center for Grit!
Develop independent skills of endurance,
patience, anger control
at OJO Exercise Center for Grit.

Educational philosophy at
OJO Exercise Center

Power of perseverance GRIT!
The program teaching skills
to complete tasks and obstacles

The qualities of
passion and patience of GRIT
over powers IQ and talent in the decisive
force that determines a child’s
success from failure.


In psychology, ‘Grit’ is passion, perseverance and the ability to persist
when you face obstacles for long-term and meaningful goals.

Psychologist Angel Duckworth followed up on
the people who were experimented on the treadmill tests
40 years ago, to find out that those who scored high on
their grit test were the ones who turned out to be
living successful lives.

Research indicates that the ability
to be gritty is an essential component
of success beyond what talent and intelligence contribute.

You must be born with talent, but you can train to be grittier.


A place to train Grit
the component more important than talent!

OJO Exercise Development Center is the place to start
train for self-successful habit ‘Grit!’


How can I grow Grit?

Make a habit of completing even the smallest of tasks!
Any goals set must be completed.

If you develop a habit of completing tasks,
it is less likely you will give up even when you experience difficulty.
This will not only improve self-esteem but also give fulfillment.

Once you develop this habit of completing tasks,
you will choose to persevere to stick to any tasks than to choose to give up.


Raising ‘Grit’
– 60 minutes of fighting yourself

The power to persevere to the end, Grit!
Children can train Grit scores at OJO Exercise Development Center.

A competition with one self rather than with
Establishing child’s self-realization throug exercise development
and improve self-esteem
and satisfaction with accomplishments.